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News > FOOD & WINE 20.02.2019

Villa da Vinci S.to Ippolito wins the award for Miglior Vino in Assoluto 2019

100 exhibitors, 500 labels at the bar, and over 10,000 admissionsthese are the numbers of the consolidated event of "The Best Italian Wines" organized by Luca Maroni in Rome. Four days focused on the theme of the return to the simplicity of ancestral flavors, linked to our memory, and the exaltation of sensoriality. 

The event, in its succession of activities, presentations, artistic performances and tastings, was a journey to discover the consistency, balance and integrity of the wine, concepts that constitute the cornerstones of Luca Maroni's tasting method. This method is also at the base of the evaluations used for the creation of the annual of the best Italian wines 2019. 

The wines of Villa da Vinci, all well represented in the annual, have been praised for their organoleptic characteristics, enhanced by the winemaking vocation of the beautiful nature of Vinci. In particular our S.to Ippolito 2016 won the award for best wine ever in 2019 with a score of 99/100. This result makes us extremely proud and encourages us to pursue the goal we set ourselves from the beginning: to make wines that Leonardo would be proud of. 

Click here to view the tasting cards of the Villa da Vinci wines included in the annual of the Best Italian Wines 2019 curated by Luca Moroni.