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News > FOOD & WINE 15.02.2019

In 2019, to each his Leonardo

2019 is the year of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo's death: in Vinci and throughout Italy there will be exhibitions, conferences, events, books, films and documentaries to celebrate the Genius of the Renaissance. Everyone can therefore meet "his" Leonardo and discover one of the many sides of the artist, scientist, inventor best known and loved in the world that still exalts us for the inexhaustible vastness of his work and for the contemporaneity of his thoughts. 

The curious and wine enthusiasts can, for example, taste wines inspired by the Genius and obtained by following his teachings, reworked in a modern way by the wine makers of Cantine Leonardo da Vinci with the exclusive and secret Metodo Leonardo®

For those who want to know the world of Leonardo in its relationship with wine, food and agriculture, the calendar starts in February with Buy Wine - Chianti Lovers - Anteprima del Chianti, 9th and 10th of February in Florence, where Cantine Leonardo da Vinci presents the years 2018 and 2016 respectively of Chianti and Chianti Riserva of the Leonardo Da Vinci collection obtained according to the Metodo Leonardo®

On the occasion of Benvenuto Brunello, 15th and 16th February in Montalcino, Cantine Leonardo da Vinci will unveil for the first time the bottles of Brunello di Montalcino from the Capolavori collection. It then continues with the two most important trade fairs in Europe: Prowein in Düsseldorf and Vinitaly in Verona. The German premiere will be the international preview of all the wines of Cantine Leonardo da Vinci, while in Verona a real immersive experience in the world of Leonardo da Vinci and wine will be staged. 

But this is just a taste of what will be 2019: a year full of celebrations for a collective tribute to the great genius during which we will discover a Leonardo passionate about wine and food that will amaze us once again.