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News > ART & CULTURE 14.02.2019

Leonardo and his passion for wine in the new book by Luca Maroni

The author, a scholar of Leonardo, who is responsible for replanting the original vines of Leonardo's vineyard in Milan, introduces us to the great genius of the Renaissance in an unusual capacity: that of the wine maker and wine lover. 

The book tells the story of the important relationship that binds Leonardo da Vinci to wine. Born into a family of wine producers and owner of many vineyards in Vinci, Leonardo immediately became passionate about the cultivation of grapes and its transformation to the point of becoming, as the author himself defines it: "the first agronomist, winemaker and sommelier of history" 

The purchase of wine was regularly noted by Leonardo in his shopping list, perhaps alongside a design of unsurpassable beauty or close to an important scientific demonstration. Thus, we know from Leonardo himself that he loved to drink a glass of wine every day, during every meal, and with conscious moderation. 

In the book, each of the foundational aspects of the relationship between Leonardo and wine is investigated and described with the philological quotation of Leonardo's words, with images of the notes and the related drawings of his original codes. Thus, emerges the Leonardo curious about everything and his inexhaustible desire to find an explanation for everything. But the more human and intimate sides of the character also emerge: his daily habits, childhood in Vinci, the agricultural soul. A new portrait of a fascinating personality that is extraordinarily captivating for its timeliness. 

The release of the volume Leonardo da Vinci and the wine, published by Sens, is scheduled for February 14th 2019, alongside a presentation by the author in the context of the show I Migliori Vini Italiani.