The Wines inspired by the Genius

For Leonardo, wine is a daily passion, a creative matter and a stimulus for new inventions. And so, it is for us as we realize the brilliant intuitions of Leonardo to produce wines in the best Italian territories. We interpret his method of innovation, research, observation, respect for nature. Each collection tells a different aspect of Leonardo's extraordinary relationship with wine.

Villa Da Vinci

Villa da Vinci wines are obtained from grapes grown in the vineyards surrounding the estate and produced following the indications of the Metodo Leonardo®. The name of the wines is historical, original and ancient, referring to the land owned by Leonardo's family in the Vinci countryside. The Cru of the da Vinci family are today the Cru di Villa da Vinci.

1502 Da Vinci in Romagna

Leonardo in 1502 spent six months of his life in Romagna. Following his journey, 1502 Da Vinci in Romagna is the line dedicated to the wines of the best Romagna vineyards produced following the indications of the Metodo Leonardo. A special tour in five cities, which touches places full of beauty: the one that Leonardo captured in the drawings made at each stage of his journey and shown on the labels.

Da Vinci
I Capolavori

The I Capolavori collection is a selection of the most famous Italian wine denominations, paired with works of art by Leonardo da Vinci. I Capolavori are a synthesis of Italian beauty and excellence, objects to show off with pride, a testament to Leonardo's genius and a tribute to his life: an extraordinary and infinite adventure of art and science and nature.

Leonardo Da Vinci

The Leonardo da Vinci collection is a selection of the most representative wines of Tuscany and Romagna that show on the label the most popular and famous design in the world, symbol of the Renaissance of man. The Vitruvian Man holds the power and the contemporaneity of Leonardo, his unshakable aspiration to the future that makes him a timeless genius. Also in wine.

Leonardo Geniale

Leonardo is the precursor of drinking responsibly. This means drinking high quality wine, during meals, and avoiding excesses. In fact, he writes in the Codex Atlanticus (page 213): "Wine is measured, little and often. Not outside of a meal, nor on an empty stomach”. We have transferred his teachings into this wine, the Leonardo Geniale, proposed in the 187.5 ml format for those who want to enjoy the pleasure of a good wine, perfumed and fragrant, in the right measure and with a practical package, ideal to accompany every meal.