Governo all'Uso Toscano

Following a soft pressing of the grapes, fermentation takes place in steel containers at a controlled temperature of 27 ° C for at least 7 days. Sangiovese and Merlot grapes are vinified separately, and are blended in November. Only in January/ early February are the dried Merlot grapes added to the blend, which will continue its maturation in steel tanks for another three months.


Toscana IGT


Sangiovese 70%, Merlot 30%. 10% of the Merlot grapes have been left to dry on the vine.

Production area

The Tuscan hills.

Intense purple red.

Cherry notes emerge on the nose with hints of small dried red fruits.

In the mouth it is well balanced, full bodied with a pleasantly elegant finish. It goes well with game, grilled meats and savory dishes of the Italian tradition.

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