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Leonardo da Vini - Genio del Vino
Leonardo da Vini - Genio del Vino

Leonardo was a painter, inventor, scientist and also an expert in wine. From the Vinci countryside, during many trips, to the courts of the powerful, wine is a recurring passion.

Between his fantastic intuitions and drawings of machines for agriculture, Leonardo studied the cultivation of vines: he was a brilliant agronomist and oenologist who gives precise instructions and revolutionary advice for the vineyard and the cellar.

Why is Leonardo
       an expert in wine?

Why is Leonardo an expert in wine?

Leonardo has the agricultural soul, he was born into a family of winemakers and wine has always been part of his life: in the observation of the vines that since childhood have inspired him for his greatest inventions, in the shopping lists where he notes the purchase of wine, because he loves to drink it daily and in moderation, in fairy tales, prophecies and puzzles with ironic references to food.

Even more, the only heirloom that Leonardo inserts in his will is his vineyard in Milan.

Leonardo da Vini - Genio del Vino

Vines received from Ludovico il Moro as compensation
for the Cenacolo, the most famous table in history.

Leonardo da Vini - Genio del Vino

Where wine
is a symbolic

Leonardo da Vini - Genio del Vino

The Letter to the Farmer

Leonardo is curious about everything, good at everything, and he expresses himself with an irreverent and visionary spirit, also in wine: in 1515 he sent a letter to his farmer explaining how to obtain a wine without defects, simply and honestly good, as Leonardo likes it.

They are precise suggestions of oenology and agronomy that concern the cultivation of the vineyard and the winemaking in the cellar: from the fertilization of the soil to the notions on the photosynthesis of the leaves, to get to the perfect bunch!

This letter is, in fact, a formidable method of wine making.


The Leonardo Method®

Leonardo is projected into the future.
His contemporaneity lies in the method he uses to investigate every aspect of life. We started from there.

We took inspiration from his writings on wine, in particular from the Letter to the Farmer, updated his arguments and realized his intuitions to create a modern Leonardo Method® for the production of wine.

An approach in continuous evolution, made of innovation, research, observation and respect for nature.

If you follow my teachings you will drink an excellent wine.

Letter to the Farmer

E'l vin sia temperato, poco e spesso. Non fuor di pasto, né a stomaco voto.

C. At. 213v

Wine is temperate, little and often. Not outside of a meal, nor an empty stomach.

C. At. 213v