The well-ripened grapes are harvested and vinified with maceration of the skins for about 8 days. Fermentation follows at a controlled temperature of 28-29 °C. Pumping-over and frequent delestage, a two-step rack-and-return process, allows strong dissolution of the anthocyanins leaving intense and persistent fruit flavors. Aging continues until March in thermo-conditioned tanks.




Sangiovese 85%, Merlot 10%,other red grapes 5%.

Production area

The hilly areas of Vinci, Cerreto Guidi and neighboring towns.

The color is deep purple.

Good intensity and persistent, it is characterized by fruity notes of cherry, followed by slight spicy hints, especially black pepper.

The entry into the mouth is decided, with tannins present, soft and not astringent. Pleasant, intense, long, has a good taste-aroma structure, very refined.

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