Bianco d'Italia

White wine according to Leonardo: the fragrances of the perfect grapes, a consistent taste, well-balanced and as universally pleasant as the fruit itself. These grapes are harvested mechanically or manually and then vinified in white; in the period of late August and early September, thus identifying the best time for each grape variety used. In vinification, a soft pressing is carried out to separate the solid part from the liquid must, avoiding maceration on the skins. In fermentation a controlled temperature of 12-13 ° is maintained. Pump-overs, temperature control and clarifications allow the Famoso and the Chardonnay to develop the typical fruity aromas, and floral for the remaining two varieties; while maintaining the classic fresh note. Refinement until March in temperature-controlled vats.


Bianco d'Italia


White grapes in various percentages.

Production area

The best Italian viticultural areas.

The appearance is a straw yellow color with light golden notes.

The nose develops fruity aromas of crunchy apple and fleshy yellow fruits that blend beautifully with the floral notes of acacia.

Its acid note and slight sweetness enhances its pleasantness on the palate.

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